Car sheds made of wood are aesthetically better and have several technical advantages. Wood is a resistant material and is superior to others in terms of flexion and traction because it is a very elastic material and therefore very resistant to stress, optimal for the construction of structures especially in seismic areas. Its lightness makes it an easily manageable material resulting in low construction costs.





It is also an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator and has high fire resistance because it burns very slowly. Properly treated, it has great durability over time, making it the best material for building structures.

For the realization of this type of structures it is advisable to use laminated wood as it is already worked wood which avoids it being twisted or deformed and free of imperfections.

The autocover can also be used to support photovoltaic panels and can be with a slope or with multiple slopes, it can be attached to a structure or self-supporting. Fully customizable in size, shape and finish.



The top cover can also be made in various types



  • With PVC sheet and wattle to have a light and less expensive structure
  • With matchboard and slated sheath of various colors
  • With matchboard, sheath and Canadian tile of different colors
  • With matchboard, sheath and tile



In our photo gallery you will find various examples of structures and you can get an idea on the type that best suits your needs.

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