Autocover and Photovoltaic Structures
Autocover and Photovoltaic Structures
Wood is a resistant material and is superior to others in terms of flexion and traction: it is a very elastic material and therefore very resistant to stress. Optimal for construction of any kind of structures, especially in seismic areas.
Small houses, gazebos & outdoor furniture
Small houses, gazebos & outdoor furniture
Wood is the most suitable material for outdoor structures: it is an elegant choice that harmoniously inserts any type of furnishing accessory into your garden.


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Our company has been operating for many years in the craft sector of woodworking. We deal with wooden structures of all kinds: roofs and canopies, outdoor furniture, furniture, fixtures, floors ensuring maximum reliability thanks to our long experience. We make our structures in GL24 laminated fir or in solid fir or chestnut wood. For the furniture made by us we possibly use national wood such as cypress, fir, larch, oak, walnut, avoiding the "exotic" essences because we believe, also for the respect of the environment in which we live, that every wood belongs to the place where it was born and manages to respond better in terms of weather resistance. We also provide customized design for each type requested, after carrying out an inspection to best meet the customer's needs in compliance with current regulations and the environment. We provide free estimates accompanied by cad drawing, rendering and possibly photo insertions created with professionalism and competence. The materials used are top quality and certified. Thanks to the collaboration with professionals, artisans and qualified companies we are able to satisfy your every request.



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The choice of wood as a structural material is convenient in several respects. First of all it is a natural material and it is a renewable resource, it also requires low energy consumption during processing and is completely recyclable so we can say that wood is a material with a low environmental impact. In addition to this, it must be borne in mind that wood has a very high insulation capacity so that no heat losses are created and the structure has very high energy performance. It is also ideal for acoustic insulation.
Costs are also reduced by the shorter construction times because it does not require drying times and is relatively light and elastic and for this reason it does not suffer structural damage during seismic events. Considering also the aspect concerning the behavior of the wood towards fires, we know that it is a material that burns very slowly and that does not suffer mechanical damage.  Even the maintenance of a wooden structure is very limited and inexpensive if carried out with good quality treatments. Not to mention the aesthetic aspect that is undoubtedly better than other materials, wood in fact gives the places a feeling of warmth and well-being.

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