Wood is the most suitable material for outdoor structures, it is an elegant choice that harmoniously inserts any type of furnishing accessory into your garden. The characteristics of wood being a material with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, elastic and resistant, which responds to the attack of fire by burning very slowly, make it a material to be preferred in the construction of each structure but also of furnishing accessories that will make your elegant and welcoming spaces. The wood, subjected to adequate maintenance treatments, obtains a durability over time beyond all your expectations.


The creation of a wooden house in your garden or terrace will beautify and make your spaces more welcoming.

Our company is aimed at individuals, professionals and businesses who need to quickly build houses with various purposes

  • Storage for tools
  • Woodshed
  • Playhouses for children
  • Animal shelter (from kennels for small animals to horse boxes)

We offer different models and sizes, all customizable according to customer tastes and available spaces. They can be made in:

  • laminated fir wood
  • solid fir or chestnut wood

For the color and finish you can opt for different solutions of products all certified, non-toxic and of excellent quality.

The roofing of the houses can be done in the following ways:

  • With matchboard and slated sheath of various colors
  • With matchboard, sheath and Canadian tile of different colors
  • With matchboard, sheath and tile


The gazebo is a self-supporting structure that is inserted in a garden or park to obtain an area sheltered from the sun or water but always outdoors. It can be of various regular and irregular shapes according to your personal tastes and your availability of space. Generally made of laminated wood, it can have different types of coverage:

  • Beads and sheath
  • Beads and Canadian tile
  • PVC sheet or curtain
  • Tile or roof tile

The structure is treated with non-toxic water-based impregnating agents and finishes to ensure high durability against atmospheric agents and parasites. They can be enriched with side grids and totally customizable decorative elements.

You can take a look at our photo gallery and our drawings and you will have only a small example of what we can offer you.

Request for free and without obligation a quote that we can provide with 3D drawing, rendering and photo insertion after a quick inspection.


Particular attention is paid to outdoor flooring or decking, often associated with in-ground pools or coating of above-ground pools. Wooden decking fits harmoniously into the landscape of a garden or park and is the best solution for a solarium. The wood used is generally Ipe, which is a very hard South American wood that does not undergo deformation on contact with water and guarantees a non-slippery surface. Other types of wood can also be used, such as teak or niangon.

The use of wood for the coating of swimming pools is more elegant and welcoming, it is a material that does not overheat, is not slippery, insulates from soil moisture and dries quickly.

The floor, supplied in smooth planks or with grooves, is generally installed with retractable clips or visible screws.

Our furniture offer completes:

  • Decorative grates that can be associated with the various structures or used as partitions for terraces and gardens.
  • Fences and fences of any kind
  • Classic or modern planters

We refer you to our gallery where you will be able to get an idea of the products supplied.

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