The realization of an external structure such as a canopy or a pergola requires the ability to insert a new element in an existing environment.  For this reason, wood is the ideal material as it fits into the context without clashing. A wooden construction has short construction times, is aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting if properly treated.

The choice of material is the most important part of the project. The structures can be built mainly with two types of wood:

  • Solid wood
  • Laminated wood

The first is wood that comes from the internal part of the trunk, very resistant. It is generally used in load-bearing structures. The second, on the other hand, consists of the gluing of several wooden strips, from which it takes its name. The result is a very resistant and solid material, free from defects. Generally, cheaper laminated wood is used for canopies, resistant and free of visible defects.

Two types of canopies can be made:

  • self-supporting
  • leaning against an existing structure

A self-supporting structure can be inserted in a garden or on a terrace at a distance from the house as it has its own supporting structure.

An attached structure is attached to an existing structure.

Regarding the roof covering there are various options:

  • Beads and slated sheath, the most economical solution. Above the beads, a layer of slated sheath is glued which has non-slip slate flakes on the outside.
  • Beads and Canadian tile Aesthetically better solution due to the greater variety of colors of the tile which is generally heat-sealed on a layer of sheath.
  • Beads and tiles in plastic or brick that are supported by a layer of slated sheath

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