The use of wood as a building material has numerous advantages that are discovered and appreciated more every day; wood as a natural material fits perfectly everywhere, it is a healthy material because it does not create stagnation of humidity inside the rooms, it is a renewable material, its retrieval depends on the planting of trees, which can only benefit our environment. The ease of processing and transport should also not be underestimated as well as the cost, which is decidedly lower than other materials.

If we consider the great elasticity that makes it a material that does not suffer damage during seismic events or its resistance to fire due to the slowness with which it burns, we can only opt for wood for the creation of our structures.

The construction of a roof is fundamental for the good health of a building, today it is necessary to pay attention to construction technologies, to the search for eco-sustainable materials, to the ever-growing needs of buildings that are in harmony with the environment and our life.

For this reason, the choice of a wooden roof is the best as it will allow us to obtain a light, economic, aesthetically pleasing structure, particularly resistant even in seismic areas, safe, with excellent thermal insulation thanks also to the insulating package supplied by us.

The wooden roof is also preserved over time because it is treated with high quality products that avoid the wear of atmospheric agents and the attack of mold or parasites. We are able to create any type of wooden roof for private or industrial use thanks to the collaboration with artisans and highly professional companies.

We are also in possession of the certificate of specialized wooden carpenter and the certificate of craftsman CasaClima. We can work on a project provided by the customer or have it processed by technicians who work with us always trying to satisfy the customer’s wishes in compliance with current regulations.

As for the type of wood, we can use GL24 laminated fir or solid oak or fir wood and we can create a ventilated roof which, in addition to the traditional insulation that protects against cold, heat and humidity, thanks to an air circulation system, maintains the warm house in winter and cool in summer improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Our company will also take care of the supply of the Rothoblaas certified life line of which we are certified installers. We would like to remind you that tax reductions are still in force for renovations for energy requalification.

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